The Professional and Graduate Student Coordinating Committee (ProGradS) is a  standing committee of the University that considers issues affecting graduate and professional students in general (i.e. issues that are not specific to a given school, degree, or discipline).


  • Serves as a forum for discussion of graduate and professional student needs, including student health insurance and health care, off-campus university housing, transportation, international student issues, childcare
  • Encourages interdisciplinary opportunities and interaction, such as joint degrees, access to courses outside home department and school, identification of barriers between schools
  • Registers new university-wide graduate student groups and provides oversight and support
  • Facilitates the annual selection of the two graduate student representatives to the Washington University Board of Trustees in the spring semester


The ProGradS Committee is composed of two representatives from each of the graduate schools: one faculty/administrator appointed by the Dean of the school and one graduate/professional student named by the Graduate Professional Council in cooperation with the graduate student association of each school.  Ex officio members include two graduate student representatives to the Washington University Board of Trustees, and the GPC president. ProGradS members are responsible for communicating committee meeting information to their Schools, and for communicating issues and concerns which a School may wish to recommend as possible agenda items. 

Vijay Ramani,  Vice Provost for Graduate Education and International Affairs serves as Committee Chair.