Event Planning

An event can be any programming your group does, ranging from general body meetings to lectures, singing competitions, movie nights, karaoke nights, panel discussions, parties, performances, exhibits, or information sessions. Familiarize your group with the policies and procedures for use of university space and facilities so your event can run smoothly. In addition, individual room spaces may have additional guidelines, particularly when serving food, alcohol or large groups. There may be rental, setup and cleaning charges for rooms.  Ask the appropriate room reservation office about specific requirements and schedule in advance.

Prepare a Budget

Estimate all fees and charges for catering, decorations, DJ’s,  security, etc. in advance and submit a budget to the  Graduate Center. This budget should also reflect what was submitted with your annual budget and event plan but does not have to be exact.

Choose a date

Pick a date early – the university calendar fills up quickly. The earlier you can decide on
dates for your signature events, the more lead time you will have to prepare and the more chance you will secure your desired venue. Also, try to avoid scheduling events during other large university events.

Choose a venue

We recommend your group start with the Liberman Suite, which provides priority reservation with no rental fee for graduate student groups. Event Management also maintains a list of other spaces available on campus.

Here are some things to consider as you select a space for your event:

  • What sort of space would be the best fit for the event and available to my group?
  • Who do I contact to reserve space?
  • What are the rules associated with using the space?
  • How much does it cost to reserve space and what are associated cleaning, and set-up expenses?

Note: Special arrangements and advanced planning may be necessary for new events or those with 100+ attendance, alcohol service, and/or new spaces your group has not previously used.

Submit the Event Planning Form on WUGO

Your group will need to submit an Event Planning Form on the WUGO platform. Before submitting the form, you are welcome to come in and meet with Graduate Center staff, who can help your group navigate university policies and logistics to plan your event. Please submit the Event Planning Form online as soon as you have scheduled your event. For large or complex events—especially those with 100+ attendees, contracts, new locations or off-campus spaces—contact the Graduate Center 4-6 weeks in advance as planning may require contact with other university offices including campus security to facilitate logistics.

  1. GPC weekly listserv email announcement. Group events posted on the online calendar will automatically be listed on the GPC weekly events email. It is sent out every week to 8,000+ graduate and professional student subscribers.
  2. Your own group website, distribution list or email, and calendar.
  3. Social media. Make sure to share on Instagram with hashtag #wustlgradlife  and #wustlofficial!