University-wide graduate student groups are eligible for one or both of the following different accounts:

University Operating Account

Registered graduate student groups may request limited university funds during the annual registration renewal process. Once university funds are approved by ProGradS Committee Chair, they will be placed in a university operating account for your group. Payment of expenses and deposits will be made by staff in the  Graduate Center.

These funds cover itemized expenses for approved planned events and budgeted programs as described in approved proposal. Changes in use of line items require prior authorization; requests for changes should be emailed to the  Graduate Center prior to the event. Unused operating funds are recollected at the end of each academic/fiscal year (June 30).

Requests for reimbursement for approved itemized expenses should be made through the  the  Graduate Center.

The university fiscal year runs from July 1-June 30.

Fundraising Account

Fundraising may be undertaken by registered graduate student groups to fund approved planned events or to supplement budgeted programs. Specifics about fundraising options must be arranged in advance with the  Graduate Center to avoid potential conflicts with other university policies.

A separate fundraising/external fund account will be created for a registered student group for deposit of funds generated by membership dues or other donations from non-university sources. Groups should consider fundraising funds as an income source in their annual budget proposal, and use for line item expenses approved by the Graduate Center. New projects or non-budget items require approval by the Graduate Center. Only deposits of cash or checks earned from fundraising or other external sources can be deposited in this account; university funds must remain in the group university operating account.

All non-university funds given to WU registered graduate groups must be processed through the group’s fundraising account. For accountability, this includes individual student membership dues and donations.

Checks for donations must be made payable to Washington University and the graduate student group name, not to individual students. Donor requests and requests for tax deductions must be handled through the  Graduate Center.  Donation checks should be giving to the Graduate Center staff for deposit into your account.

Registered graduate student groups may request donations to cover approved events. Groups interested in engaging in this or other new fundraising activities should obtain prior approval from the ProGradS liaison. Student groups may NOT fundraise outside the university without prior approval of the ProGradS Chair, who may involve the Advancement office. Please note that there may be sales tax implications for monies raised by ticket sales, donations, or other methods.  Prior approval is needed before starting, to avoid tax and other complications.

No Outside Bank Accounts

Registered groups, upon approval, should make arrangements to transfer any group funds held in an outside bank account to a university account. Evidence of an outside bank account will result in a freeze placed on the student group’s account and possible denial of funding in the future.